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Judges Lodgings is located opposite Gloucester Bowling Club, Judges Lodgings is an imposing regency building just yards from the Historic Gloucester Docks area of the city that is a fast growing tourist and shopping destination.  


The building has a Cotswold stone facade,  ornate balcony and cornice and was built in the 1840’s by famous architect Sir Robert Smirke who also designed the British Museum in London.


Over the years the property has had many uses from family home, school, registry office, hotel for visiting court Judges and most recently has been converted into luxury apartments.

My family and I moved to Gloucester in 2014 and live in Spa Road just yards away from Judges Lodgings in a very similar Regency House.  Gloucester has improved year on year since we arrived with more restaurants and bars opening all the time at The Docks at the end of the road. We loved the place immediately.


What I  thought was missing was quality accommodation so in 2017 I purchased The Judges Lodgings and started converting the flats ​one by one to luxury furnished apartments.  All the decor and furniture are personally chosen by me and I know you will love each of the very individual style apartments. 

We look forward to welcoming you and are on hand if needed.  Charles Perkins xxx


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