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Ship arrival times for the Tall Ship Festival

If you are coming to Gloucester this weekend to see the boats in the Tall Ship Festival and want to see them sailing into the dock Friday morning is when the latest start to arrive

The first tall ships are scheduled to arrive in British waters late on Thursday, May 23 and head to the Sharpness Canal to make their way to early to Gloucester on Friday, May 24, with Irene and the Spirit of Falmouth due to dock at around lunchtime and Grayhound and The Phoenix will follow behind early afternoon.

he smaller vessel, Vilma is scheduled to dock in Gloucester on Thursday, May 23 early in the evening. All the ships take around four hours to cross through the Sharpness Canal Lock, navigate the waterways and arrive in Gloucester Docks, ready to get into position for the bi-annual city celebration of its maritime history.

A new outdoor performance space - the Mariners Theatre – will host a programme of exhilarating live street theatre and walkabout performances, with highlights including Simple Cypher; a fusion of hip-hop and circus performed by a talented trio combining explosive tricks and playful interactions.

The Acro Sailors will also be displaying their incredible strength and agility as they create human towers and showcase feats of balance and coordination that defy gravity. Step Hop House will help audiences get into the festival spirit with a feel-good and funky performance around the maypole, blending traditional hip-hop and folk-dance styles into a high-energy spectacle, accompanied by live fiddle and beatboxing.

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