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Visit Knife Angel @ Gloucester Cathedral

Between the 1st and 27th February the Knife Angel is located in Gloucester at the Cathedral. This impressive very large sculpture is an impressive site and just a short walk for guests at Judges Lodgings. Well worth a visit just to see this but of course the Cathedral has so much more

The 27-foot-high sculpture, made from over 100,000 seized blades is on display at Gloucester in February 2023 as part of its National Anti-Violence Tour. It was created to highlight the negative effects of violent and aggressive behaviour. Not only does it act as a catalyst for turning the tide on such behaviour, it also acts as a beautiful memorial designed to celebrate lives lost through these violent and thoughtless actions.

The Knife Angel is outside Gloucester’s iconic Cathedral between 1st and 27th February 2023 as part of its National Anti-Violence Tour. The Knife Angel is a huge, stunning contemporary sculpture of an angel made out of confiscated knives received from 43 Police Forces across the UK. It weighs in at a hefty 3.5 tonnes.

Originating from The British Ironwork Centre in Oswestry and created by sculptor Alfie Bradley, it is on tour of towns and cities around Britain raising awareness of the issues of knife crime.

The Knife Angel’s arrival in Gloucester will be backed up by a month-long series of events, workshops and other activities across the city involving a range of organisations and people of all ages and backgrounds. The Knife Angel’s time in Gloucester will commence with an opening ceremony and conclude with a community vigil.

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